Frequently Asked Questions

How can clicking a button help the environment?

By clicking the "green this" button before making a purchase online, you're guaranteeing that a percentage of the money you spend will be donated to a green charity.

Do I have to pay anything extra when shopping?

Most certainly not! Your shopping experience doesn't change at all besides clicking the "green this!" button. You can still recieve any normal discounts a site may offer, or use any coupons you may have.

Where does the money come from?

By clicking the "green this!" button, you're telling the store that we sent you. That store then gives us a percentage of your purchase amount, which we then donate to a green cause of your choice.

Where does the money go?

Researching alternative energies? Carbon offsetting? Planting trees? It's up to you! Every registered user gets a vote on who we donate the money to each month.

During our beta period, the green organizations will be chosen by a panel of a few prominent environmental bloggers and leaders. A full system to nominate and vote on green organizations will be introduced soon.

Don't you have to sign an agreement with every single store online for this to work?

Instead of convincing every retailer to "go green", we've chosen the path of least resistance, and just use established business practices - affiliate marketing.

We don't need to convince and negotiate new agreements with retailers because we operate under the same agreements and terms as affiliate marketers. The only difference is… We donate 100% of the money we recieve.

Who is behind this initiative?

look at that handsome mug

Green Any Site was devised, funded and created by this guy:

I am a web developer from Israel, and I spend too much of my time worrying about energy wasted by idle electronics around my house, and annoying sales clerks with remarks like "no I don't need a plastic bag with that."

This is my little contribution to the planet… you're welcome.


If you'd like to reach me with any feedback, questions, ideas or just to tell me about your day, You can reach my through email, or on twitter.
If you send me a message on twitter, I promise to respond and follow you.

Can I trust you not to keep some of the money for yourself?

Don't trust me! You're welcome to check up on me… I will be using our blog to disclose all the revenue that we receive from users' use of GAS (aggregate data, not personally identifiable data about our users), and when legally possible, post scans of all checks and invoices received. I will also post the complete details of all donations made, along with receipts/certificates. The organizations which will receive donations will be chosen and voted on each month by our users.